Crystal Sound Evening At the Positivity Centre

Crystal Sound Evening – Sunday 23rd June at 7.30pm – Cancelled 

This takes place in a lovely location at the Positivity Centre in Burnham, Nashdom Lane, SL1 8NJ

“Sound is the Medicine of the Future.”

Edgar Cayce



A sound healing evening meditation using quartz crystal singing bowls, alchemy crystal bowls and crystal singing pyramids. For relaxation, letting go of the old, integrating the new and general expansion of consciousness and new possibilities.

Sound Healing, Using Quartz Crystal Bowls, is an effective and proven modality that uses vibrational sound to help reduce stress, assist consciousness, and create a deep sense of peace, well being and better health. It helps to facilitate alpha and theta brainwave states that stimulate the body’s innate healing abilities. Sound is scientifically proven to influence the physiological systems of the body and potential alter autonomic function such as heart rate and blood pressure, as well as boosting the immune system and stimulating the body’s healing response.

Many who have experienced this know that they have been touched by the sound of these instruments in a very special way, and come away feeling healed, cleared and purified at a very deep level.

“I didn’t know what to expect at a crystal bowl evening but was recommended by a family member to go along to one. Personally I never looked back . It enabled me to relax, unwind and develop a deep meditative state that I have never experienced before. The sound of the bowls was incredible and extremely powerful for me. I would recommend anyone to go  and in a symbolic way it has some how made things a lot more clearer in  my life as a whole . ”  G. R. Essex 

crystal bowl magic


Each Evening will have a different guided intention which will flow on the night, which will usually be a combination of releasing the old, followed by an integration of the new.



More Crystal Sound Magic is Manifesting on the evenings of

Sunday 7th April, The Lee

Sunday 28th April – Positivity Centre, Burnham

Sun 5th May – The Lee, Bucks

Sunday 26th May – Positivity Centre, Burnham

Sun 9th  June – The Lee, Bucks

Sunday 23rd June – Positivity Centre, Burnham

Sunday 21st July – Positivity Centre, Burnham

Different prices may apply in each venue – check website for details


Having been a regular at Crystal Bowl evenings for over a year now, I can wholly recommend these sound healing sessions.  Doug has a natural gift as a practitioner with these beautiful singing bowls resulting in sessions being deeply relaxing, chakra balancing , rejuvenating and even guiding the group into other dimensional states to gain wisdom plus understanding depending on the intent set. I like the fact that each session varies for me and I also enjoy meeting with a group of lovely people in the relaxing healing space that Doug always creates. ” D.R., London

I love the Crystal Bowl Evenings. The warm welcoming environment and  the wonderful sounds of the crystal bowls I find very relaxing and healing.  Each event brings a new experience, as the sounds of the bowls work their magic.” H.C.

“The Crystal Bowl evenings have been one of the highlights of my month! I have attended quite a few and somehow every session feels very different but familiar at the same time. I warmly recommend the Crystal Bowl evenings to anyone who would like to achieve new levels of relaxation and energy!” J.C., London 

“I have been to several crystal bowl evenings now and each one has been a slightly different experience but always with a feeling of complete and deep relaxation. I have had some really vivid images and also almost fallen into a lovely sleep.  I have always slept incredibly well after a session and enjoyed a profound sense of peace and calm for the days following. I lead a very hectic life and these sessions with Doug are always a treat to my body and soul.” KH

“Thank you very much for last night’s event. I really got a lot out of it!! Just like the one I went to before. I would have never thought working with sound was so conducive to the intention, but it is in a very free way.” Isabelle, London

I really enjoyed Sunday evening, I felt so relaxed and have had a strong sense of well being since then. Very powerful stuff.” R.T.

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Your investment for each evening is only £13 payable in advance

If places are still available then payment on the night is £15 per person

14 places are available for each evening – please let me know which month you are paying for when you make your payment.

You can pay here by Paypal or by using your credit card


Thank You

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Please note all payments for the evening workshops (usually £13 or £15 for advance payments) are non-refundable unless more than 48 hours notice of non-attendance is given.

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