Crystal Open House

Crystal Open House – Saturday 19th August 2023 – 10am-4pm

crystal open house

A chance to buy something rather lovely for someone you love at this crystal open house with a vast array of crystals for sale, good company, warm drink, a little snack, informative conversation, beautiful location – what more could you want ?

Although it’s an open day, booking is important, so I know who is coming when.

So please email and let me know you are coming on

I send you directions to find me one you have emailed 🙂

Some bargains to be had, though mostly good crystals at reasonable prices

I sell crystals through my Etsy shop however they are cheaper in person …. or through Instagram or Facebook

Or join my Telegram Channel to find out more about crystals, see what’s just come in and other crystal thoughts and speculation

I also run Crystal Workshops through the year – the next level one is the day after this Crystal open house…details here

And a word on crystals ….
People often say to me “what does this Crystal do, or can this crystal help with XYZ?“
My answer changes depending who I’m talking to, however the core of my message is always the same
  • Crystals are visually appealing – having them around brightens up you and your home.
  • Some people feel the energy of crystals – you don’t have to be a mystic or a magus to do that – as crystals are usually of this earth and so have a frequency or energy that we might like the feel of, and so having them brightens up you and your home.
  • They make a great gift to someone you love
  • Left to our own devices (or perhaps without those pesky devices) we all innately know what we need for our health and well-being when we tap into our inner wisdom. Sometimes that’s a crystal to help you on your journey, or a health food or product, or a course on Facebook ?
  • Above all though, if you have a belief a crystal will help you, then it probably will. Up until this point in time, the world has been built on beliefs … and it won’t change tomorrow ?

I hope to see you at my crystal open house