Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is used to direct the energy of one, or more, crystals into a person’s energy system enabling the client to heal the blockage in their energy system, and to help to bring them back into balance. Healing in this context does not necessarily suggest a cure, or remission of symptoms. It does however suggest that the client will be more hamornised and resourced, in order to allow their energy system to maintain the new state of balance.

crystal healingWhen coming for a crystal healing session, what can you expect:

  • A crystal healing session which takes around an hour – includes a short consultation at the start and finish
  • Then you lie down on a comfortable mattress and close your eyes.
  • Placement of crystals on or around you in your energy field (note: placing crystals on your body is discussed prior to doing it)
  • Then you relax and enjoy
  • You may experience something…. Often, clients will report feeling something in a particular part of their body (perhaps a chakra centre, a limb or other body part or even an organ). Some clients report “seeing” colours, others drift back in time in their memories and others have a sensory experience of some other description. There is no right or wrong way to experience crystals.
  • And of course, some people experience nothing, and some fall asleep – that doesn’t mean to say that the crystal healing experience is not “working” as such. The healing aspect always happens on an energetic level, and sometimes that is experienced consciously too.
  • During the session, I may move or change crystals
  • Your verbal feedback is not necessary, however sometimes that may be a helpful guide to change the crystal arrangement.
  • Shortly before the end of the session, I will start to remove all of the crystals and spending the last few minutes of the session, grounding you (involves physical touching on the feet)
  • Then you get a glass of water and we will have a quick end of session chat, where you have the opportunity to ask any questions or share anything you would like too.


Sessions take place at my home base in the Lee and cost £75/hour

Crystals are usually available to purchase at additional cost, though the crystals I use for your session may not necessarily be available. You can also find a selection of crystals on one of my other sites

If you’d like to book a crystal healing session, then you can either do that through this link

or email me at to arrange

As well as working with crystals every day for decades, I have a Diploma in Crystal Healing, and also buy/sell crystals on a regular basis. I am an experienced Hypnosis/Regression Therapy trainer and has initiated Regression Therapy training programmes in South Africa and Mexico, and has run workshops in Belgium, Italy, Lithuania, Mexico, Switzerland, Ireland, Scotland and South Africa, and run Crystal Healing Workshops on a regular basis.

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