Crystal Healing For You

Crystal Healing For You 

Are you curious about crystals and how you can interact with them on a more regular basis?

Crystals seem to be coming more common place in the world, with celebrities wearing and enduring their benefits, more articles in the media about them, however they’ve been around for much longer than our oldest ancestor of course. And they’ve actually been used by our ancestors for thousands years.

We deal much more with the practicals of how you can use crystals in your everyday life in the workshop that I’m running on Saturday 4th May 2019  and if you’d like to find out more about that …please keep reading –

This crystal healing workshop has been specifically designed to help you to understand and integrate the basics about Crystals and how to work with them. Whether you are a complete novice, know a little about crystals or have worked with them for a while, this crystal healing workshop offers you opportunities to expand your knowledge, intimacy and comfort when working with these wonderful tools for healing.

The workshop is a mixture of theory and a lot of experiential exercises that you can take home and use in everyday life or integrate into your practice

The contents include:

  • How Crystals Work
  • “Tuning In” to Crystals and choosing crystals
  • Clearing & Cleansing Crystals
  • How to work with crystals for grounding and protecting
  • Working with Crystal Pendulums
  • Using Crystals with the chakras
  • How to use crystals for an energy boost
  • Crystals layouts

This crystal healing workshop takes place in a delightfull location at The Lee House, The Lee, Bucks HP16 9NA – most easily accessible by road, and also by rail (Great Missenden 8 minutes by car or Wendover 11 minutes by car) or by Metropolitan line tube via Chesham  (14 minutes by car).

I hope you can join me – if you want to book your place and get some crystal healing for  youthen you can do so here 

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