Crystal Bowl Regression to a Non-Human Past Life

Crystal Bowl Regression to an Off-Planet Past Life

Sunday 17th July July – 3pm – 5pm

crystal bowl regressionPlease note this event lasts approx 2/2.5 hours. It includes a brief talk on the subject, an explanation of how the afternoon will take place, followed by the regression itself which will last approx one hour. After the regression there will be time and a safe space to talk about the experiences that participants have. It is really useful and valuable for participants to share their experiences, whatever they are.

The concept that humans are the only intelligent life form in the Universe(s) is, in my opinion, a slightly naive one. Anecdotal references to lives on other planets, star systems or dimensions accessed through regression occur in many books by various authors on regression through the decades, perhaps most famously Dolores Cannon and Michael Newton. I have also experienced some of these off-planet lives with my own clients, as have several of my colleagues in the regression field. And of course, there are several options for non-human lives on Planet Earth too.

Sometimes these off-planet and non-human lives can be challenging to put into context using human langauge, and to feel tangible or valid after the regression using the limitations of our conscious mind. So, the intention of this afternoon workshop is to use sound firstly as a bridge into the incarnation, secondly to journey through the life, and then to transform it and also to integrate the healing qualities/potential from the incarnation.

Healing/transformation for the incarnation can take place as sounds helps to facilitate Harmony between all the systems of the being to create an environment in which healing can take place. It is scientifically proven to influence the physiological systems of the body and potential alter autonomic function such as heart rate and blood pressure, as well as boosting the immune system and stimulating the body’s healing response.

Please note this will not be a voice guided regression – the format of the regression will be explained fully beforehand and then sound tools will be used to guide the experience once it has started. If you are interested to experience and find out more about past life regressions in the “conventional” way, then you might be interested to attend another of my workshops such as “Soul Discovery”

Note using Crystal Bowls as a tool for Regression to past lives (both on and off planet Earth), and to future lives (on an off planet Earth) has proved to be highly successful in the past. One person’s feedback from the last time I ran this workshop was:

“Many thanks for facilitating such a unique experience.  You have a wonderful way of creating a safe space to explore other worlds and the more esoteric aspects of life.  I particularly enjoyed the integration of sound (crystal bowls) with self-guided regression since I often find in group regressions I move at a slower pace than the rest of the group and find talking throughout group regressions distracting.  I also found the sounds from the crystal bowls helped to deepen my meditative state.  Thanks again! “

Crystal bowls are wonderful tools for accessing deeper levels of consciousness. With the right intention and circumstances the sound that the crystal bowls offer can provide a bridge into future incarnations. The intention of this workshop is to access a positive past incarnation to integrate positive qualities into the current life.

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