Creating Your Happy 2020

Creating Your Happy 2020

“You are the author of your life. 

If you don’t like how it goes, write it differently” 

Iva Kenaz 

One of the lesser known definitions of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results! So, if you are starting off this year in exactly the same way you’ve started previous years, and are expecting a burst of something new and wow into your life, then good luck and I hope you prove my opening sentence to be complete rubbish. 

Many people do that though. They’ll be starting off 2020 with the same old resolutions, perhaps around health, wealth and relationships, and hoping for change. Gyms thrive at this time of year because of people’s good intentions, and then they tend to get real quiet in February because those good intentions start to evaporate…and why? Because nothing really changed between last year’s good intentions and this years. 

It may not surprise you to hear that we hypnotherapists get really busy in January. Courses, clients slots etc all tend to fill up quite quickly…and why? Because more and more people are recognising that in order to make lasting change, something needs to change on the inside; and that’s in the subconscious mind. Hypnosis and regression reach the parts others conscious thought patterns cannot reach…and they tend to work.

I find myself training more and more people for hypnosis and regression each year. And again the question why? Quite simply, because the demand is there from people, as it’s finally getting more widely recognised as an effective modality for change as it deals with the subconscious where permanent change needs to be embedded. Taking charge of your potential and using your inner resources for living a clearer, more enjoyable and joyful life without your baggage is an appealing possibility for many.

Not everyone has the resources though to make important changes in their inner world. For some money is an issue, and going to a few sessions with a good hypnotherapist isn’t something that everyone can afford. That’s one of the reasons why I created my App “Hypnosis for Transformation” a few years ago, so that effective hypnosis is affordable to many more people than it would otherwise have been. Repeated use of generic hypnosis recordings works.

For others, busy lives can get in the way of doing what they’d really like to do, and the idea of doing hypnosis, meditation or some other kind of inner work for 20-30 minutes a day is actually impractical in the light of everything else that needs to be done with family, work & life. Thus people maintain or get stuck in a Catch 22 situation and are unable to find the time to initiate the changes that they would like to in order to create the life they would really like to live.

One simple solution is to use what resources are available to everyone – and use those trance states that are similar to hypnosis that we all experience at the start and end of the day – the hypnagogic and hypnopompic states. A half-awake, half-asleep sleep may not logically seem the best time to start anything, however it is when our subconscious mind is open and receptive to fresh input. 

When we start our day well, and by that I mean on a positive and inspirational note, then then we set ourselves up for the rest of the day. When we close our day well (repeat the dose of positive and inspirational) then we also enhance our chances of a better sleep and thus wake up more rested to the day to follow.

Programming your subconscious minds at these times doesn’t necessarily mean lengthy meditation or even getting out of bed. It does however mean being focused intention for a few minutes though, and setting up a small yet effective programme for yourself.

There are many ways that could be done; for example it could be a gratitude journal, or some positive affirmations or anything really so long as it has a positive vibe about it. When you are positively mindful of what you put into your consciousness at start and end to your day, it is particularly effective in how you programme your days and your year ahead.

When you can do this with a positive emotion in your head and heart, then it works, however it’s not a one off. You need to work at starting and ending your day well for a few weeks, and then when it is working why stop the practice? We live in a culture of immediate gratification, and people give up on things very easily when it doesn’t arrive in an “Amazon-like delivery” the next day”. The subconscious rarely works in that way (permanently anyway), as it needs a few weeks to re-programme it permanently.

So, if you’re setting yourself up or changes this year, you’re making resolutions or planning on walking down some new paths, then make a plan for yourself and use that start and the end of the day trance-like start to re-programme your consciousness. All change work has to be integrated into the subconscious; that’s how we create your days, weeks, months, years and life ahead!!

If you would like any more help on making change, moving through blocks, then you can always book a free chat with me – there’s a short piece and a link about that at the end of this newsletter.

Good Luck!!