Chat About the Courses?

Sometimes it is difficult to get a real feel for longer courses when you are looking at them over the internet. All websites have their best testimonials posted on their courses pages, and so it can be difficult to choose between all the options available to you these days. Many of the people who come on my longer courses have met me before, or know someone who knows me and that makes for an easier decision for them to say “yes” to these longer Hypnosis and Regression training courses, as they have a good idea of the quality of the course they are signing up to.

To help you make your choice, what I am offering you, and whether you know me or not, is an opportunity to schedule a fifteen minute 1-2-1 call via Skype. Then you can get more of a sense what the course you are considering  is all about, as well a feel for the person running it – that’s me!! I usually have a couple of these 15 minute slots available each week (depending on how busy I am) and you are most welcome to schedule one for you by clicking right here.

Please note this option is to talk about the courses only.

If you are looking to chat about personal therapy, that’s fine – just send me an email and we can arrange that too.

Thank You