Change Your Energy and Trance-Form Your Reality

Good Day,

Perhaps you’re looking to manifest a make a few changes for yourself in 2019?

Or perhaps you are looking to bring something new into being, whether that’s a project, job or a relationship or anything else that you’re looking to manifest.

Either way it’s always going to be the energy, which either lets it flow or prevents it in some way.

So at some point, if you really want those changes or that something new to manifest, then you’re going to need to look at the energy that’s behind all the thoughts, emotions, patterns of behaviour and everything that goes with whatever it is ….

That’s where my course, Manifestation Through the Chakras, can be of tangible assistance to you. The Chakras, as you may know already, are how we synthesize subtle energy into our physicality, and they carry a lot of our old, existing patterns, as well as the energy of new possibilities.

Some of these we’re aware of and some are below the level of conscious awareness, and that’s what Manifestation Through the Chakrasis all about. The patterns you are unaware of and how to discover them and then change them, or bring them to the forefront of your life.

This is a 7 week course starting on Thursday the 7th of February.We look at each one of the chakras and work with a number of transformational tools to help change the energy that’s residing there, so you can move forward with grace and ease.

It’s online, so wherever you are in the world, you can join in easily. What’s more, it’s not just an online webinar; it’s an interactive course, which you can participate in on an online platform. So whoever you are, wherever you are, you can get the full benefits from this course.

It is also being recorded, so if you’re thinking, “Well, it sounds quite interesting, but I can’t actually make week five,” then you don’t need to worry because you will be able to be part of week five, as you will be able to watch the recording and make any comments, ask any questions that you need to online.

You will also be able to listen to and downloads all of the meditations and sound healing at your leisure . In fact the whole experience is pretty much the same as being a live course, apart from the fact that you don’t get the tea and biscuits and fruit that go with a live course, but, hey, you can’t have everything.

So that’s Thursday, the 7th of February, Manifestation Through the Chakras with me, Doug Buckingham. If you’re looking to manifest a different reality of some kind, this is likely to be exactly what you need

The cost of the course is a numerically “nice” price of £98.98

However, if you’re reading this email, then it probably means you have done a course or workshop or had a client session with me before, or simply taken the time to read this article on my blog and so I am offering you a discounted price which is all together numerologically nicer price of £77.77 

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I hope to see you on the course….

Love & gratitude