• You’ll Never Know!

    You’ll Never Know! “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” Dr. Seuss One of the great things about life is it presents you with a series of moments, let’s call them opportunities, where you have a choice to have a certain experience or set of experiences, or Continue reading »

  • Empower Your (Eating) Choices?

    Empower Your (Eating) Choices? The article that follows is about eating choices, however when you read it you may find that the basic theory behind applies to a different area of your life. That’s ok, the same principles apply. Read on and enjoy…. Got the theory…yet feel more challenged to walk the talk? Do you Continue reading »

  • Life Enhancing Audio to assist you in your everyday life!

    Life Enhancing Audio to assist you in your everyday life!   If you haven’t already, then perhaps now is the time ? My wonderfully helpful app “Hypnosis for Transformation” contains several free and paid for Life Enhancing audios for relaxation, sleep, motivation to exercise, changing your eating habits, journeying to a positive past life and Continue reading »

  • Life Enhancing Audio

    Life Enhancing Audio I am happy to say my App Hypnosis for Transformation continues to help many people on their journey. It offers wonderfull value as it contains a number of excellent Life Enhancing audios….namely   Relaxation The Inner Smile Gratitude Live Crystal Bowls Recording   And your investment for this is only 99 pence Continue reading »

  • Love Your Self

    Love Your Self How you feel about yourself is one of the major keys to what you attract into your life, for the Universe reflects back to you experiences based on the vibration you are sending out. So, if you want to have fulfilling relationships and have rewarding experiences in life, then it is important Continue reading »

  • Sugar Free You?

    Sugar Free You? The benefits of removing sugar from your diet can be dramatic …in a good way. However it is not always an easy road to take successfully. Emotionally, many people experience a real roller-coaster when they Stop Eating Sugar. This is because the sugar is coming out of their system and when we Continue reading »

  • My App Hypnosis for Transformation Now Available on Android

    My App Hypnosis for Transformation Now Available on Android I am thrilled to say my App Hypnosis for Transformation is now available for Android on Google Play. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dougbuckingham The App contains 3 free Life Enhancing audios, plus 1 free live crystal bowl recording, which are there for you to listen to and enjoy whenever you want to. In addition Continue reading »

  • Gratitude for the Gratitude

    Gratitude for the Gratitude  Everyone so often, someone sends you an email that helps you to pause for a moment, take a deep breath and simply revel in the joy of life and your little contribution to it. This happened last week when I received the following email from Gemma in Cornwall: “Hi Doug, I Continue reading »

  • Let Your Soul Smile

    Let Your Soul Smile  Let my soul smile through my heart and my heart smile through my eyes, that I may scatter rich smiles in sad hearts. Paramahansa Yogananda How is your smile? and more specifically how is your inner smile…the smile that you give to yourself. Research studies have suggested that smiling can have Continue reading »

  • Positive Self-talk

    Positive Self-Talk Have you got enough “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah” in your life at the moment? Now that spring has sprung, and summer’s almost humming, are you saying the right things to you so that life is beautiful? Or do you need a little something extra for you at this very moment in time? If your answer to Continue reading »

  • Life Enhancing Audio

    Life Enhancing Audio My Free App “Hypnosis for Transformation” includes both free & paid for Life Enhancing audio and is available at the App store here goo.gl/rKj8xK Someone recently said this about the Life Enhancing audio mp3’s…. “Doug’s calm yet powerful voice always puts me at ease right away, it is a guiding force, ideal for hypnosis Continue reading »

  • New Beginnings

    New Beginnings “New beginnings are gateways into realms of benevolent possibility that our hearts desire, yet our minds may sometimes be scared of. Trust your heart to take you into the truths your Soul desires”   I have just moved house, hence the title of this month’s newsletter. New beginnings are openings to begin life, Continue reading »

  • Smile

    Smile  “In ancient China, the Taoists taught that a constant inner smile, a smile to oneself, insured health, happiness and longevity. Why? Smiling to yourself is like basking in love: you become your own best friend. Living with an inner smile is to live in harmony with yourself.”   Mantak Chia Most people embrace the Continue reading »

  • Motivated to Exercise?

    Motivated to Exercise? As we are moving into colder climes in the Northern Hemisphere, sometimes it gets a little harder to get to the gym, the yoga studio, the park and sometimes to simply get moving at all! Many of use are simply not motivated to exercise! There are so many benefits that we can Continue reading »

  • Being More Mindful

    Being More Mindful The origins of mindfulness are based on Buddhist philosophy and practice, and so they go back thousands of years. In recent years, mindfulness has become very popular, and is successfully integrating into mainstream medicine. Scientists have been able to collect an increasingly large body of evidence to support its benefits, and have Continue reading »

  • Motivated to Exercise

    Motivated to exercise…and need to be? All fired up for a few weeks at the start of the year and then ….nada?? Haven’t done it for years, and now you need to find some way of keeping fit and/or burning calories…but you just can’t get started? it is very common that people start to exercise Continue reading »