Beyond Beliefs & Being Enough

Beyond Beliefs and Being Enough

Like the quote says, your beliefs will almost always govern the outcome of your experiences. I have a friend who believes she cannot sleep well at nights, and especially so around the time of the Full Moon. She repeats that belief regularly within my hearing, and I’m sure she does it a lot more when I’m not around. Guess what? She doesn’t sleep well at night, especially around the Full Moon.

Whether you are consciously aware of your beliefs like the lady above, or whether they are operating below the level of conscious awareness, your beliefs will be ruling, running and perhaps even ruining your life. For beliefs are at the heart of both your functioning and your dysfunctional patterns and behaviours.

Beliefs can be formed at any time, though their formation begins as early as when we are in the womb. It continues through childhood, especially up to the age of 7, and well into adulthood. During childhood we are unable to survive by ourselves so we start to absorb any beliefs that help us to survive and thrive. Part of the problem is that when we are children we are unable to tell good beliefs from bad ones. They are simply survival beliefs. Usually these survival beliefs serve us well as children. However, as adults they often leave us unable to perform or limit us or in some way.

Another part of the problem with beliefs is that anyone can programme us with their beliefs, whatever they are. Typically though, as children, we take them on from our elders and supposed betters. As adults we may well continue to exhibit similar strategies under the guise of “learning” of some form or another.

Beliefs are also created during traumatic events (survival response), and/or may be “hangovers” from past lives. Sometimes, those past lives have a negative outcome that promote a belief at the time of death. “I cannot cope with that” was what one of my clients expressed at the end of an experience as an impoverished mother of 7 in Georgian England. That belief continue to flood her consciousness during the current life at times of anxiety and overwhelm. Then she found the source of the belief and actively changed it.

Wherever beliefs originate, they are always ticking away in the same place – in the subconscious mind. That is, until you do something about them. For another part of the problem with them is that they just continue existing rather than expiring. They sit in the subconscious until they are triggered by an event of some kind, or actively overridden or released in some way. What that may result in is a lack of logic to our associated emotional and physical responses to certain situations when we are an adult. For those beliefs that guide our decisions and choices often came from those childhood survival patterns.

Being able to change your beliefs is key to creating the life that you want, and there are several ways to change your beliefs. I am doing a Belief Changing workshop in the New Year. During that workshop we will be exploring beliefs and using a particularly powerful techniques to work with them. If you’d like to know more about that workshop, then do let me know.

Sometimes changing beliefs is a question of will power – the will of the conscious mind can override the subconscious on some occasions. Sometimes, it is an organic process, and life changes in ways so that beliefs simply have to change. All of our beliefs about what you can do with a phone have had to change dramatically in the past 20 years.

Bruce Lipton, is known for promoting the idea that we all have a great impact on our own health. He also says that we are able to change our beliefs to facilitate change in our lives. He frequently names hypnosis and repetition as two of the key tools to do that with, and these are premier tools.

You don’t necessarily need to go and see a hypnotherapist to do that (though you could). If you’re reading this article in my newsletter, then odds are that you got a copy of my Relaxation mp3 when you signed up for it. That’s a simple piece of hypnosis that you can use and it has a nice two minute gap in it towards the end. In that space you could affirm a new belief to yourself. You can also find the Relaxation mp3 for free on my 99 pence App “Hypnosis for Transformation” at the App Store and on Google Play.

But you have to know what the belief is if you’re going to change it, right? Well, you might do already. Some beliefs are clear in your conscious awareness, like my Full Moon friend. You can also work out what some beliefs are by observing your daily behaviours. Pay attention to your self-talk, and in particular around what you might perceive as being problems in your life.

There are a few beliefs that are common though for the vast majority of people in the world in shape or form though. Scarcity or lack type beliefs fill the collective human consciousness, so much so that we keep on creating more and more things!

I Am Enough

The researcher and author Brene Brown talks about scarcity consciousness and not being enough in her work. (“Daring Greatly” and “The Gifts of Imperfection” are examples). She talk about how it affects so many people at a core level. Not feeling as you are enough at a core (belief) level in whatever way it manifests in your life is incredibly common in this world. We live in a world where everything is on view. Where everyone has a perfect life (according to social media anyway) and comparison runs amok.

One simple antidote to this that Brene Brown pioneered is a three word affirmation “I Am Enough”. Rather than being an event, this antidote “I Am Enough” affirmation is a process or a journey. Said repetitively over time and with as much conviction as you can muster, this can bring big change.

When you add hypnosis into that mixture, then the “I Am Enough” affirmation gets even more powerful. I know other hypnotherapists who taken this idea and worked successfully with it for their clients. I have had great results with it when working with clients for weight loss, anxiety issues, confidence, public speaking, abundance and many other issues.

The principle of this is that there have been times in your life (or previous lives) when you have gained a false perception that in some situation in some way you are not enough. The idea of using “I Am Enough” in hypnosis, and during your everyday life, can change that for good. Even if you think you have a good life, then try it. Find out if that good life gets even better. It works for those can commit to it. It is not necessarily a cure-all, however it might turn out to be one or you?

And remember if you want to use Hypnosis for this, simply use my Relaxation Mp3. Then fill in the gap at the end with “I Am Enough” .

I will probably bring out an “I Am Enough” recording in the New Year too.

I hope you can make some changes with it…because you are enough!!

Love & Gratitude