Being In Alignment With You

Being In Alignment With You

being in alignment with youA lot of people in the New Age/spiritual movement often talk, or wonder, about their Life Purpose. I offer sessions (life between lives/Interlife sessions) where the subject of life purpose is often one of the prime considerations that clients have for these sessions. Questions such as “what should I do/how should I do it/where should I live (though phrased much more eloquently)” are often at the forefront of people’s minds. Over the years I have even had quite a few people wondering whether they should give up their corporate job and move into the “healing sector”.

The simple reality is that whoever you are, where you work or live whatever you do etc. your life purpose is always going to be the same for everyone. It’s you and your journey. Nothing more!

The rest of the people, circumstances etc that are around you are simply the window dressing, and “designed” to teach you about yourself.

Reflecting, rejoicing and remonstrating about what’s happening in your life, working through it and perhaps understanding, accepting and even   transforming it is all part and parcel of the journey through life. This is in   essence the life purpose that your Soul has chosen for you i.e. How to Be in   Alignment With You. You may well do many things in your life –   relationships/family/work/travel etc – but they will always refer back to you, and your understanding of you.

The first step in being in alignment with you is “waking up”, and starting to question the meaning of life, acknowledge that there is more to life than meets the eye or something similar. Whether you do that at age 6 or 60 is largely immaterial (though the earlier you start the more time you have to explore you).

After that, at some point you’re probably going to entertain or even embrace the concept that we create our own reality. And there, both the fun and the trouble starts…. Whilst the fun side of creating our own reality is that the possibilities of life are seemingly endless, there is a flip side. And the flip side of accepting that we create our own reality is that we have to start taking responsibility for all of our thoughts, emotions and behaviours i.e. the means by which we create our own reality. And that’s the stage where so many people are at right now.

Taking responsibility is a learning curve for a lot of people. Most children are fortunately not burdened with responsibility and when we move into adulthood, it’s not something we are taught. Usually, it’s something that is thrust upon us, and many people maintain (at least subconsciously) the child’s instinct to avoid taking responsibility whenever possible.

As with many things in life, acceptance is the key step. Accepting that the creation of this reality is all ours, whether we like it, love it or none of the above.  No-one or no-thing can specifically ever really help you to accept anything; it’s simply a question of your own personal timing and personal circumstances that dictate your ability to accept people, situations or concepts.

There are, however, a vast amount of tools available to help you to understand more about reality creation, spiritual or otherwise. What they should all be doing in one way or another is to bring your more into alignment with yourself. Whatever concepts like “the Secret” might claim, the secret of reality creation and being in alignment with yourself is that we have to look into the subconscious, the shadow or simply that which we do not know about ourself. That doesn’t mean we are looking at deep, dark stuff (though that might possibly be part of it), however it does mean we are being non-judgmentally honest with ourself and taking responsibility for our “stuff”.

As I say there are many tools and course out there to understand more about our selves and be more in alignment with your self – I have one which is starting next week which is my 7 week online course “Manifestation Through the Chakras” – as you have read this far then you deserve a reward, and the reward is the opportunity of a discount if you want to do this course – click on this link to find out more about the course  and this link to sign up with a discount (sorry about the two links but the discount is not open to the public).

Whatever you do, start taking steps towards being in alignment with you

As the song goes “This life is more than just a read through…”

Love & Blessings



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