Being A Reiki Master

As I have a Reiki Master/teacher course coming up over the next two weekends, it seemed appropriate to mention a few thoughts on what that means to me…

reiki master

Being a Reiki Master is of course more than just four days training. In reality, it is the work of a lifetime, rather than just the attainment of a title. The title of being a Reiki Master is more indicative of the fact that you have now made a commitment to bring Reiki (and thus positive energy) into the world and that you are ready to try and integrate Reiki into more (or all) aspects of your life.  Whilst there are obvious benefits to being a Reiki person in terms of the inherent healing abilities both for yourself and others, in some ways the real challenge is how to integrate Reiki into and how it can work in our daily lives.

One of the real values of any spiritual tradition or “discipline” is that it helps us to live our lives more consciously. Living life consciously is really what the choice of healing or the spiritual path is all about and it is what Usui intended when he brought forward the five precepts. As well as the healing ability of Reiki and of course the ability to bring about change, it’s also about cultivating qualities that generate well-being, such as non-judgement, unconditional love, patience, forgiveness, surrender and a few more besides. What’s more, it’s about being conscious of your every action, intention, thought, feeling and emotion.   It is about bridging worlds, so that you are not immersed (and thus isolated) in either the material or the magical world.

In practice, being a Reiki Master is about living by the Reiki Principles every moment of every day in your own humble way or at least trying to whenever you can, noticing when you don’t and gently trying to pull yourself back into the way you want to be when this happens. It’s not about the mystical experiences, though of course these do tend to keep coming as well. As well as these magical, mystical moments, Reiki as a way of life is also about how you cope in the midst of a sweaty, smelly crowded tube, how you are when you are driving on the motorway and everyone seems to be cutting you up, how you are when your boss snarls at you for the third time that day and how you are at three o’clock in the morning when your neighbours wake you up…again.

It’s not exclusively putting the mystical into the material, or bringing the material in to the mystical…it’s about bridging and mixing the two, being able to ground the energies of Reiki into your own life, those of others around you and the world at large and living a richer life as a result

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