Be Your Own Game Changer

Live the most fruitful life you can! That’s the goal for life that many of you have.

Perhaps the ways in which you form your relationships, find work that you enJOY, raise children, where you go on holiday, what you do with your valuable spare time and how you ensure you have enough money to do all of that are often valuable considerations for achieving that overall goal.

Life, though, often has a habit of manifesting little obstacles and challenges that get in the way of all of that.

Whether that’s your fears, limiting thoughts, emotional hang-ups, overall mindset, phobias or lack of confidence or apparent inability in a certain area, one thing is absolutely certain…

….And that is, whatever your block is, it’s origins are somewhere in the subconscious part of your mind. The part of your mind that is difficult to access using logic and your rational thoughts.

That is why hypnosis/hypnotherapy are vitals tools for creating the life that you want. Whether you use it as a self-development tool to enhance your life, practise it on others privately or professionally or all of those, it is a necessity. For hypnosis allows you to access the subconscious mind and make positive changes that will enrich you and your journey through life.

My hypnosis course which is running 3-7th August is a game changer, as many people have already discovered and are continuing to find out for themselves….

“I loved discovering the power of hypnosis. It has opened up a brand new interest and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole of the learning curve. This has had, and will continue to have a huge positive effect on me, and I will approach work and personal situations very differently. ”

“This is a life changing course. I feel that I have been offered many skills to go away with both for me personally, and professionally. The course has also made me more mindful of my own speech and what I say to myself in my every day life, and given me tools to improve that,”

Are just a couple of testimonials from recent courses.

Are you ready to change your own game now?

The next course is running 3-7th August and it’s your opportunity to create permanent, positive change for you and take away lifelong skills with you, that will enable you to truly live the life you deserve.

Email me to sign up and reserve your place now.

And there are other


Opportunities for August

Thursday 3rd – Monday 7th – Hypnosis Training England

Wednesday 9th – Reiki Practice Group

Saturday 12th -13th August – Soul Discovery Weekend

Sunday 13th August – Crystal Sound Evening

Weds 30th – Sun 3rd Sept 2017 – Regression Training Module 1 – England


“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”

James Dean

Sending you….

Love & gratitude