Be The Star You Are

Be The Star You Are 

Life on other planets or star systems?? Fascinating, ridiculous,amazing, impossible or simply a given that there must be more intelligent forms of life in this vast Universe(s) than the human race? For me it also follows that during the journey of our eternal Souls through time, there are those of us (probably most of us) that have Soul connections that have travelled through space as well as time, living in those extra-terrestial and extra-celestials realms.

For those of us who don’t clearly remember such times people like Paul McCarthy are here to remind us how to do that and fortunately you don’t have to travel a million light years to find him as he’s back in Greenwich to regale us with the splendours of his “Star Ceremonies” workshop on Saturday 11th June

As the time approaches for the emergence of humanity into the evolved extra-terrestrial communities, Starseeds will play an important role in facilitating these historic events.  At first there will be meetings and later on all kinds of interactions.  The time is now for Star Seeds to learn and practice the ceremonies and protocols that are practiced by the Galactic Communities when they meet and greet each other.  In the workshop we will learn about five different ceremonies some of which are designed for meetings and we will practice these as a group.

This is the first time that this workshop has been presented by Paul in the UK, so its a very exciting for opportunity for one and all to come and experience something totally unique but profoundly familiar.

We also have a Channelling evening with Paul on Friday 10th June 2011 so its very easy to combine the two events and have a rather special time in the process…Be the star you are….

You can find details of Paul and his work at

For all booking enquiries or for more information about workshops then please email me at or ring me on 07979 750291.

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