Back to Basics – Regression and Past Life Regression

mysticmagHere is an excerpt from an interview that I did recently with Mystic Mag (May 2022)


Doug Buckingham shares his passion and insights for Hypnosis, Regression, Past Life Regression and all that encompasses his healing practices.
“I would call myself a Transformational Energy Worker, and my goal with all that I do is to help people improve the quality of their lives by using simple and effective transformational techniques in a grounded, helpful and beneficial way.”

From shipping to Hypnosis and Past Life Regression – What spurred on this life changing transformation?

I was always very open to the ‘esoteric’ world whether it be crystals, astrology and any other modality in the area. In fact, I would say that I always had more than a passing interest in this realm and I feel that it all culminated in 1999 when I went to Machu Picchu, Peru, and had a complete knowing that I had to change my life. I slowly disassembled my then current life and moved towards the direction I find myself in now.

What is a regression therapist exactly and what results can one expect to yield?

Regression is my main practice. The principle of regression is that everything started somewhere. Whatever patterns we may have, whether physical, psychological, emotional, related to work or relationship, it is all energetic in nature – in a regression session I use a light trance to get the client to go back to the start of that pattern, whether this be earlier in this current life, or in childhood, in the womb, or often even in past lives.

Often the subconscious buries difficult memories and when someone starts doing regression with a specific intention then these memories resurface, no matter where they originated. This memory or event is brought into awareness with the goal of reframing it. This can create an incredibly liberating emotional release. Sometimes, and often in the case of a childhood memory, we may have to reframe the event, as a child’s perception differs entirely to that of an adult – an apparent misconception or misperception in the eyes of that child can be observed. In general terms we are letting go of the energy of the event.


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