Autumn Leaves


Autumn is my favourite season of the year!

There is something about the way that the leaves fall off the tree in Autumn that is so gloriously symbolic with the possibilities that open up to the human awareness at this time of year. It doesn’t take a genius to realise that is a time of letting go, though how many people take or make the time to release what they no longer need is debatable in these days of more materialism/less time etc.

I love the letting go aspects of this time of year for that’s what I do, in both my personal and professional life. One of my prime influencers, Carl Jung, is reported to have said “We spend the first half of our lives learning how to behave, and the second half of our lives learning how to let go of those behaviours”  and that’s how it is for us all when we hit the Soul Journey road, and especially so in Autumn. Many people who find their way to newsletters likes this, personal developments courses, journeys of the Soul or simply run into roadblocks in their current lives have incarnated to learn about themselves at a deeper level, and that deeper level is the Soul.

One of my Soul goals in this lifetime is to assist others to be able to release the blocks to a greater understanding of their own Souls, and ultimately to be able to love a Soul-inspired life. Many of my workshops are attuned to variations of that concept, and some of the highlights coming up this Autumn are as follows:


Saturday 18th-Sunday 19th – Soul Discovery Weekend

Sunday 19th – Crystal Sound Evening

Weds 29th Nov-Sun 3rd Dec – Hypnosis Training England


Saturday 9th – Cutting Cords Workshop  

Sunday 10th – Crystal Healing Workshop 

Tuesday 12th – A Symphony of Sound

And in 2018

Transform Your Relationship with Money – 6-7th January

Transformational Regression Training starts again in late February

I hope to see you soon, and whether I do or not I wish you an auspicious Autumn

Love & gratitude