Aura Soma

Aura Soma

Aura Soma ® is a non-intrusive means of using colour to get to know and work with the deeper parts of oneself. On the face of it, the Aura Soma ® Equilibrium range is a set of very pretty coloured bottles, but deep within them there is much more going on. The Aura Soma ® bottles contain plant & herb extracts, essentials oils, and energies of crystals, gems and precious stones and more. These combinations interrelate and co-operate with the human energy field. As a result, they offer us guidance, support, harmony and integration with all aspects of the mind, body and soul.

aura soma

Aura Soma and The Use of Colour

Using colour as a form of support and balance dates back thousands of years and can be found in many ancient traditions. In today’s world, we still use colour to influence how we feel. We may decorate our bedrooms in a certain colour to help us sleep or our living spaces to give a certain air (or aura). We may wear certain colours to give us more energy and vibrancy when we go out for the evening.

Colour is in our vocabulary too and  may be used to express certain qualities or moods in people. Thus, we may feel blue, we may see red, we may be green with envy or our friend may be in a black mood. And it is of course everywhere in the natural world. Most of the population tends to gravitate towards an open space in the warmer months to enjoy the soothing greens of nature, the bright yellow energy of the sun and all the other wonders of the nature. During the winter months, colour seems to be less accessible in our worlds. Consequently, there is an increasing case of SAD (lack of vitamin D) when we have less light (or colour) in many people’s lives.

Science And Colour

Science is beginning to understand the remarkable effects of colour. Red light increases muscular activity, blood pressure, respiration and heart rate (gives us more energy). Blue has the opposite effect reducing blood pressure and being helpful in cases of insomnia. It also leads to a decrease in blood sugar and helps in some cases of eczema. Yellow cleanses the blood stream, stimulates the lymphatic system and energises the digestive process. Orange is believed to help with mental exhaustion and rheumatism. Green helps with asthma, hayfever, laryngytis and malaria. etc.

There are many aspects to colour. And so, there are many wonderful ways in which you can work with it to enhance our well-being. Aura Soma ® is one of the finest.

I am an Aura Soma ® Level 3 practitioner, and I offer consultations from my home in Chalfont St. Giles, Bucks. Please call 07979 750291 or email me to find out more.