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The “Call of the Soul” podcast series is now available 7 main channels

The first series of 5 episodes is about “Past Lives”

The second series – also 5 episodes – is about “Crystals”

The latest series – which is currently being released is about “Energy Management”


The series is hosted on Anchor FM and you can click through to the podcast channel here


or click here to listen to the latest episode



I love speaking on stage about topics associated with regression and hypnosis.

Why ?

Because it is such a very interesting area that is entirely relevant to life itself.

I have had extensive public speaking experience on stage in front of groups, plus through a number of online webinars, innumerable workshops and courses, audio interviews, radio shows and talks in several different countries of the world.

In the past couple of years I have spoken or the General Council of Registered Naturopaths,  The World Congress of Regression Therapy, Rich Hot and Spiritual (networking), the Theosophy Society and a number of Mind, Body & Spirit Events.

The talks given are usually a combination of theory, anecdotes, and serious spiritual reflection with a dash of humour thrown in for good measure.

I am happy to speak at larger or smaller events, and can even be a guest speaker for your private group, whether that’s of a holistic of professional persuasion. During talks for private groups, I often highlight the value of looking into the subconscious mind so people and businesses who are not moving forward can understand how to let go of their past so their present and future flows successfully.

My Hot Topics include ..

The Benefits of Using Regression to Change Your Life Now

The Simple Natural Power of Hypnosis

The Journey of the Soul – and it’s value to you

Beyond Beliefs – Change Your Beliefs, Change Your World

Everything is Energy And Why That Matters Every Day

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My intention when speaking is to open up the subject matter of the talk as well as spiritual/energetic realities to the audience. So, I speak from the heart (a language everyone on the planet is capable of communicating in), and I talk in fairly simple terminology and uses humour wherever possible to communicate more easily with the audience. For the most recent example of a talk have a quick listen to the “Inspired Choices” radio show (linked below).

To interview me or to arrange a talk, radio show or anything similar about Hypnosis, Regression, Life between Lives or any reasonably related spiritual/energy subject then please do make contact either by phone on 07979 750291 or by email on doug@dougbuckingham.com


And finally, feel free to listen to the Videos/ Audios  available below:


Trust Your Soul – January 2022

Trusting Your Soul as the Authority in Your Life



Interview with Jacqui Oh on StartDis Podcast

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