Media Interviews

Media Interviews 

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I have had extensive public speaking experience on stage in front of groups, plus through a number of online webinars, innumerable workshops and courses, audio interviews, radio shows and talks in several different countries of the world. The talks given are usually a combination of theory, anecdotes, and serious spiritual reflection with a dash of humour thrown in for good measure.

My intention when speaking is to open up the subject matter of the talk as well as spiritual/energetic realities to the audience. So, I speak from the heart (a language everyone on the planet is capable of communicating in), and I talk in fairly simple terminology and uses humour wherever possible to communicate more easily with the audience. For the most recent example of a talk have a quick listen to the “Inspired Choices” radio show (linked below).

To interview me or to arrange a talk, radio show or anything similar about Hypnosis, Regression, Life between Lives or any reasonably related spiritual/energy subject then please do make contact either by phone on 07979 750291 or by email on

Additionally, you can acquire some of the Life Enhancing Audio recordings which are available through the shop on this website. Many of them are also available on my App “Hypnosis for Transformation” available at the App Store or on Google Play

One client recently commented that….

“Doug’s calm yet powerful voice always puts me at ease right away. It is a guiding force, ideal for hypnosis and for strengthening its effects. I have benefitted tremendously not only from his pre-recorded mp3s but also from his tailor-made hypnosis made specifically for my needs and various circumstances. Hypnosis is quite simple and effective already as a tool itself, but having hypnosis from Doug is a necessary luxury.”

And finally, feel free to listen to the Audios  available below:




Interview with Jacqui Oh on StartDis Podcast

Available through iTunes here