Are You Ready To Stop Smoking?

Are You Ready To Stop Smoking?

If you are, you might want to have a look at the following video … alternatively carry on ready below the video


If you are ready to stop smoking then you might like to consider this

  • Hypnosis works
  • It worked for me – it can work for you too.
  • It was a life changing moment when I stopped smoking – it will be for you.
  • It is perhaps the most successful “aid” to stopping smoking
  • I have helped hundreds of people to stop smoking
  • Stopping smoking is hugely beneficial for your health
  • Stopping smoking is hugely beneficial for your wealth
  • I have a special offer for someone to be a stop smoking volunteer on my Hypnosis Course on the 21st April, which means you can have a heavily discounted session.

If you are, then please email me 

If you would like to have a private session, then it does cost more, however I am usually able to create an available appointment reasonably promptly.

If you would like to find out more, then have a look at my Stop Smoking page 

Please do bear in mind that now is always a good time to stop smoking for good. With the price of a packet of cigarettes in the UK today, it’s a very financially lucrative decision to make right now! Based on a price of £10 a packet, and you being a 20-a-day smoker then you will find yourself with over saving close to £300 a month or over £3500 every year once you Stop Smoking. That is a vast sum of money to save.

And of course that is before you even think about the most important consideration – the improvement to your own health and well-being when you stop!!

If you have any questions or doubts, then feel free to call me on 07979 750291 or email me on