Are the Answers Within?

Are the Answers Within?

“You can’t teach anybody anything,
only make them realize the answers are already inside them.”

Galileo Galilei It seems almost too trite (and to some almost insulting) to say that the answers are within, as the phrase is easily said and often those answers not so easily recognised let alone accessed.

The quotes that I have used above in this newsletter were created a long time ago, in times way before the busy-ness of the 21st century, with it’s mobile phones, obsession with other media devices, easy availability of all sorts of other stimulants, and general hubbub that often does absolutely everything except generate the stillness that we humans both need and silently crave.

Stillness and silence are commodities that most people lack in their everyday existence and some people even have to “buy”, as they supposedly have so little time. Sleep stats are at an all time low, anti-depresseant usage, obesity stats and anxiety instances at an all time high. I could go on however … you get the point that modern life gets in the way of … err..real life?

I rarely look at newspapers these days, however I did have an ironic chuckle a day or two ago when I saw the newspaper headlines outside a shop saying that leading figures in the AI were warning that the exponential rise of AI could destroy the human race…just got there, huh?

Anyway the rise and usage of AI is so symbolic of yet another challenge humanity needs to work through right now. In theory it saves people time, though at some point it’s inevitably going to put you and your descendants out of a job (as a minimum) as it will be able to do your job better than you and probably sooner rather than later. Widespread use of AI is somehow inevitable, even if there are seemingly inevitable consequences a little further down the line.

That humanity has raced to spend so much time seeking ways and means to be better, stronger, more productive etc.. whilst neglecting its core within is an endemic malaise for many. People have been conditioned to believe that if you don’t have “it”, then you can strive for “it”…and that’s the foundation on which worldwide society is built.How can I get more “it”

The irony though is that we might already have “it” and all we had to was recognise that we had “it”. In this case “it” being the one and only “it” we can take with us when we depart this world. Whether you call that “it”, your inner knowing, your Soul, the essence of Love, the Kingdom of Heaven within, God or any other variation going doesn’t really matter as the concept is consistent throughout any belief system you like. It’s something that is seemingly more than just you that you can learn to trust more and more.
Fortunately, more and more people have woken up to “it” in the past few years in various shapes or forms. One obvious variation of “it” of course is that if you make changes in your inner world then you can change your external world, and everybody likes that.

The thought that by coming to peace with and/or letting go of old “stuff” in your internal world can free you up to live your life in a more pleasing and beneficial way has extraordinary power (regression therapy), and so it should. For most people, though’ that’s something they will turn to in difficult times rather see as a way of being for the committment to “it” is something that many struggle with. We live in this 21st century, where there is always lots of other distractiona and of course everyone wants “it” NOW!

As life in this world becomes more expensive (time or money-wise), “it” remains something that many will do at the weekend or when they have time in other busy days, however it is always worth remember “it” may well be all there is, and nothing else in life will last into eternity….

“It” can be a foundation on which to live your life. The founders of the Findhorn Comunity in Scotland, most especially Eileen Caddy are a great example of this in the spiritual world, though it has to be said theirs was not an easy journey…Eileen Caddy once said….

“You must do your own thinking, your own living and your own working things out. You must stand on your own feet and never expect anyone else to do it for you. Turn within, seek within for every answer, and you will find it. It may take time. You may need to learn to be patient and wait, but when your faith and belief are strong enough, you will find all that you are seeking. “

And that is a lovely explanation, perhaps the essence of “It”, which might seem almost like a quaint outdated concept in these days of outsourcing a question to a device or a  social media “icon”.

“It” may well turn out to be the only sanity or counter-balance to living in the modern world with all it’s potential challenges here and that look to be coming in the next few years.

I will be putting out a short 4 week Pre-recorded audio course on my online platform around the middle of June called “The Answers Are Within” . It’s a series of short and simple relaxing meditations designed to help you start or continue to find the answers within,. you can find out more here

With Love & Blessings

Are the answers within