Among the Many Common Questions

Among the Many Common Questions

Among the many common questions that people wonder about prior to having a regression are “if they can be regressed” and “how does it actually work”. I always think that questions like this are important to ask before we start

Everybody can be regressed in theory – if I ask you to start thinking about a recent birthday or memorable time you have had and you close your eyes and start describing it, then you have regressed.

Obviously a past life regression is to a different point in your timeline that you don’t consciously know, however with a little light trance, and a clear intention I can help you to access that point in time.

Everybody’s inner world works slightly differently when they experiencing past lives. Sometimes it’s quite subtle and we practitioners have to tease the story out without leading the client, and sometimes it’s obvious and flows easily. There is no right or wrong in this respect.

For some it’s a visual experience, a succession of images that tell a story is quite common, something similar to a Hollywood movie is relatively rare. Some people are kinaesthetic (feeling/sensing) and can tell a past life story through what they feel or sense.

One of my most descriptive students ever didn’t see a thing when she first tried PL work. This phased her until I explained to her how the kinaesthetic side of things was probably her dominant modality, and then she just flew.

As for me, I am a bit of both modalities, but my overriding modality is an inner knowing of the story, and that’s common to quite a few people that I work with. The only challenge is to trust the process and not question the story until the regression is over.

There’s another really common question too, that I will save for tomorrow’s post

With Love

Doug x