Abundance is a Fun Dance – Happy Festive Season

Abundance is a Fun Dance 

“When you are enthusiastic about what you do, you feel this positive energy. It’s very simple.”

Paulo Coelho

abundance is a fun dance

This is the season of giving and receiving and for some that’s not as financially or energetically easy as you would like it to be. Having money isn’t everything in life, however during the festive season (and often shortly after when the bills arrive) it can really hit home where your relationship to abundance actually is or isn’t, and how it’s affecting other areas of life as well as the more obvious issue of what’s in your bank account and what your current debt level is.

Life is about so very much more than money, however it undeniably provides a source of limitation in our society of what’s possible and what isn’t possible for some, and those limitations can spill over into over aspects of your life too. Change your relationship to money and you can shift other things in your life too.

One aspect of how to change your relationship abundance (or to anything in life) is to approach it with a positive energy of curiosity and intrigue, rather one of perhaps stress and avoidance or even embarassment (as many people do) … have a fun-dance with your abundance…for abundance is a fun dance

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