A Truly Wonderful Way to Resource Yourself

Good Day,

I would like to let you know that my next fully accredited Certificate in Hypnosis Training Course is a truly wonderful way to resource yourself. It is taking place between Wednesday 5th September – Sunday 9th September in Chalfont St Giles, Buckinghamshire, which is accessible by Met Line tube, train from Marylebone, and close to junction 18 of M25 (plus accommodation available) – There are three places left at the time of writing.

I have had the pleasure of facilitating a version of this course since 2010 (and I still love running it), and so there have been numerous people who have done the course, raved about it, and most importantly used it and benefited from it. Whether you are looking for a course of this depth to help you along your journey of self-development, or if you are considering making a career change, then hypnosis is an amazing tool to have at your disposal…your inner world creates your outer reality, and whether you’re considering hypnosis as part of your regular repertoire, an add-on to your existing therapy skill set or you are contemplating a new adventure for you into the world of helping yourself and others in some way, then think of this as a truly wonderful way to resource yourself for the exciting journey ahead…

If you are looking for something to get you moving in a new, improved direction or to enhance your life in some other way, then start wondering about what you can do for and with your subconscious mind…for that is the key to your ability to change

As I say lots of people have done this course and loved it…just a couple of them said….

“This was a life changing course. I especially liked the practical sessions which were really valuable experiences to practice what had previously been taught, and the content of the course was comprehensive. I feel that I have been offered many skills to go away with both for me personally, and professionally. The course has also made me more mindful of my own speech and what I say to myself in my every day life, and given me tools to improve that,”


“this course was just perfect for me. I loved it because it gave me the kick-start I needed to move away from a place of inactivity and low self-esteem, and really helped me to get my motivation up and running. I knew about the power of the subconscious before, but I guess I had never really joined the dots before, and actively used it for me. Now I am a hypnosis convert!!

Reviews like this are commonplace for this ​course, and if you are ready to sign up, then this course will serve you extremely well (and if you know me then you will know then I don’t use phrases like that lightly)

What’s worth keeping in mind and heart too, is that this is a highly practical, hugely helpful and exceedingly enjoyable course.
I get you up and running, and practising with other people on the course from the afternoon of the first to start building your confidence and skill levels from the outset. By the time you leave, you will have completed a number of practice sessions, learnt how to structure your own sessions away from the course, and be ready to start working with case study clients to enhance your skills even more, and a lot more too!!

One of the things I like to say about hypnosis is that “anyone can do it” – because it’s true

So, if you’re “anyone” and you would like more information, or a registration form then click on one of the links below

You can read a bit more about the course on https://www.dougbuckingham.com/hypnosis-training-uk

and download registration forms or full info on https://www.dougbuckingham.com/document-downloads

Note: I have two accommodation space available at the venue too for very reasonable costs.

And feel free to pass this email on to anyone you like !!

Remember this a truly wonderful way to resource yourself

Love & gratitude
Doug Buckingham