A New Awareness?

Who could even have imagined it at the start of the year? The events of today seems like a disaster movie from the 80’s or a science fiction novel. The world is in the grip of the Corona Virus, and with the notable exception of Sweden, we are all being forced to self-isolate in an attempt to protect us. Fear and negative speculation are rife in both the conventional media and on internet forums.

There are many claims that the introduction of 5G, coupled with “bigger” global conspiracy agendas, are actually the source of what’s happening across the planet. Who knows whether we will ever discover the truth of that?

The reality, though, is that the spreading of fear in any shape or form takes us no where fast right now. The frequency of fear has a detrimental effect on our physical body (which feels fear) and equally on our energy system, where it can remain stagnant until cleared. It is ironic that at a time when your immune system could do with being at its best, the most prevalent energy in our media is one that potentially lowers your immunity.

Whatever you can do to avoid, or negate, the energy of fear (whilst staying sensibly informed about developments in the world) is the best course of action going forward. Keep your energy field as clear as possible, and your frequency high.

The reality of self-isolation means “life inside” for almost all of us, now that most of humanity has been stopped in its tracks from being busy. This has never happened before in the chronicled history of humanity, and it is at times like this, when you might CHOOSE to look at a bigger picture. The obvious point for most of us as individuals is that life inside PRESENTS us with more time.

More time can certainly be considered an opportunity. Time is of course one thing that money can’t buy, and the only question is can you use it wisely. If you’d like to buy into the possibility of there being a “bigger” agenda (from a spiritual rather than a conspiratorial perspective) then I would like to think that the opportunity we have right now is to go inside and develop a new level of awareness while we are inside.

Going inside doesn’t mean meditation, hypnosis etc (though it could). It does mean developing awareness though, and perhaps that’s what much of humanity was missing up until now in it’s mission to be as busy as the next person.

There is an old Celtic tradition that talks of a trinity (or triangle) of transcendence. In one bottom corner of the triangle are the fears and sorrows of the individual, and in the other bottom corner the desires and positive emotions.

At the top is awareness – awareness in this context doesn’t mean knowing something, or thinking something through. It means being present and paying attention – perhaps you would call it  like mindfulness in modern day terms. It was a requirement of ancient mystery schools, of esoteric traditions and religions and philosophises before they became politicised, and it’s a precept for evolving as an individual and as a species.

What awareness does here is to bring freedom from the lower corners of the triangle. That freedom doesn’t happen by escapism though. The freedom happens because the awareness in this case is energetic alchemy. Participating in this kind of awareness dissolves the fears and desires without ever trying to; it just happens as the person organically transcends the lowers energies.

And that’s where we are right now. We have the opportunity for awareness on a mass scale, and that might well result in the evolution of humanity as a species if enough people can take the time to be aware. And it’s easy to do….

Maybe you are lucky enough to be able to go out for a walk, then you may notice that there’s a new stillness in the land. Perhaps that is the result of a few billion people no longer rushing about like lunatics, and/or perhaps that’s something that’s within the Earth itself. The Earth is a frequency just like everything else in the Universe (you and me too) and that frequency is shifting right now.

Maybe you spend more time looking out of the window being aware of birds fly across the sky, ants crawl across the window or nature doing it’s thing in some other way.

Maybe you are at home with loved ones, and you have develop a new awareness of what they truly mean to you.

Maybe you are becoming aware that you have a finite time in this particular physical body and you haven’t been using that time the way you really want to.

Maybe you become aware that the devices you spend so much time on are actually part of the problem and resolve to spend less time on them.

Maybe you already have a practice that involves awareness and you’re using the time to be with or even deepen that practice

or whatever you MAY BE doing to be aware…

The time that we have now is THE opportunity for a new awareness. I have been saying for a few years now (and it’s not an original thought) that humanity has no where to go, and that we need to evolve beyond what we have been repeatedly doing to ourselves and each other for the past couple of thousand years. If we don’t, then who we knows what will happen to us…

If we do take the next step though, become aware that we are much more than our fears and desires and evolve, then this is a wonderful time for change, and it can happen on a global scale…

I wish you a great deal of health, happiness and a new awareness