• Gifts For Your Soul

    My book “Gifts For Your Soul” is a collection of Simple Healing Techniques for Everyday and Everyone, and is now available for purchase!!

    I have a limited amount of signed copies for sale through my shop here and the book is also available on Amazon, the Book Depository., and other online retailers.

    And it is now available as an E-Book as a download from reseller sites like Amazon 

    You can also read more about the book here 

  • More and more people are turning to self hypnosis as an empowering tool to finally get control over situations that are causing pain and suffering in their lives, or where they would like to see change.

    At the moment I am running a special offer on an online self hypnosis course, which can be taken at the user's pace: no fixed times.

    "Learn Self-Hypnosis" is a 5 week self-pace course. It is highly effective and helps you to learn self-hypnosis in your own time. Each module comes with a different self-hypnosis audio for you to listen to, and these audios will assist you to start, improve and then consolidate your self-hypnosis practice.There is also additional material for each module, which is in both video format for you to watch, and/or to download via PDF handouts. This "reading or watching material" should take 20-30 minutes or so each week, and then it's up to you how much you practice the self-hypnosis.

    Check out the links in the comments to take advantage of this very special offer!

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    "Doug’s calm yet powerful voice always puts me at ease right away. It is a guiding force, ideal for hypnosis and for strengthening its effects. I have benefitted tremendously not only from his pre-recorded mp3s but also from his tailor-made hypnosis made specifically for my needs and various circumstances. Hypnosis is quite simple and effective already as a tool itself, but having hypnosis from Doug is a necessary luxury.”

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    A letter of encouragement to everyone who is struggling a bit at the moment. Have a wonderful afternoon and remember

    "The size of the steps you take doesn't matter, so long as they are in the right direction."

    Sending you Love & Blessings

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    Past life regression therapy can be a very transformational and empowering process for anyone. When you allow the soul-guided mind to follow its own path, the majority of people who experience past life regression therapy find resolution, healing and insight in ways that they simply had not expected and had certainly not experienced before and their lives change in extremely positive ways.

    Doug 🙏🙌

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