The 11th of the 11th

Welcome to the 11th of the 11th … a powerful and poignant day for historical reasons, firstly as a day when peace happened and then as a day of remembrance of those who fell before the peace.

Energetically, this is also a day of opportunity. Elevens are seen as “master” numbers, when the opportunity to create the new is more possible, and when you have a couple of them that energy is heightened.

More symbolically, you can view the 11’s as a portal or doorway (imagine the two 1’s of the 11 forming the pillars of the doorway) through which you can pass through to new opportunity. So when you have a couple of 11’s (today) then the energies are especially heightened for creating the new…

So today, on the 11th of the 11th, reflect on what you are going to say yes to…what do you truly and Soulfully wish to create? Then put your intention and your thoughts where your heart is….And imagine yourself walking through the 11 doorways to that opportunity…and then allow it to happen

Say yes to the 11th of the 11th, and enjoy !!