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Positive Self-talk

Positive Self-Talk Have you got enough “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah” in your life at the moment? Now that spring has sprung, and summer’s almost humming, are you saying the right things to you so that life is beautiful? Or do you need a little something extra for you at this very moment in time? If your answer to Continue reading »

Getting Perspective

Getting Perspective Getting perspective is probably one of the most vital elements of life for most conscious people. There are some people who travel through life and everything in their life is plain sailing, and perhaps they never have cause to wonder “How did I allow this to happen to me…again” or “Why do I Continue reading »

Past Life Regression Workshop

A Past Life Regression Workshop to Explore Past Lives & Regression Therapy Saturday 14th May 2016 – 10am – 5.30pm in Chalfont St. Giles, Bucks Your Investment – £45 advance booking before end of April or £55 after 1st May    This past life regression workshop includes an informative talk, discussion and Q & A session on Past Life Continue reading »

Life Enhancing Audio

Life Enhancing Audio My Free App “Hypnosis for Transformation” includes both free & paid for Life Enhancing audio and is available at the App store here Someone recently said this about the Life Enhancing audio mp3’s…. “Doug’s calm yet powerful voice always puts me at ease right away, it is a guiding force, ideal for hypnosis Continue reading »

New Beginnings

New Beginnings “New beginnings are gateways into realms of benevolent possibility that our hearts desire, yet our minds may sometimes be scared of. Trust your heart to take you into the truths your Soul desires”   I have just moved house, hence the title of this month’s newsletter. New beginnings are openings to begin life, Continue reading »

Are Past Lives Real?

Are Past Lives Real? There are a few potential explanations for past lives. Some say they are part of our genetic memory (encoded into our DNA in some way). Others suggest that someone enters a past life they are effectively entering what Carl Jung called the Collective unconscious – a concept that part of our Continue reading »

Positive Resources from Past Lives

Positive Resources from Past Lives There can be a lot of misunderstandings about past lives. One of the main ones is that the focus is to explore the past life for the sake of digging up the past, out of curiosity or perhaps an interest in a certain period history or of course fascination in the Continue reading »

A Labyrinth Is No Ordinary Walk

A Labyrinth is No Ordinary Walk There is of course only physical way to walk a labyrinth as there is only one route in and so, one route out. However, there are many different ways in which it can be walked. Unconsciously or consciously, quick or slow, with deliberation as to where you place your Continue reading »

Cutting Cords With the Past

Cutting Cords Cutting cords is a very effective energy technique that can assist you so you can make significant differences in your health, well-being and life in general. Cords are ties or connections, which can energetically connect a person with life situations, people, objects, places, thought forms – like a business or a project – or animals. There Continue reading »

An Unconscious Attraction to St. Paul’s Cathedral

Ever since I was a really little lad I have been “strangely” attracted to St. Paul’s Cathedral. Whenever my family came to London to see my grandparents I wanted to go there. My parents thought it was because St Paul’s was featured in Mary Poppins and that was a fave film of little me. Later in childhood, the attraction to Continue reading »