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Soul-full weekend ?

Soul-Full Weekend? If you are looking for a Soul-full weekend to find out more about you and why you are here in this current life incarnation, then on the weekend of the 6-7th June I have two wonder-full workshops running. On Saturday “Discover Past Lives & Regression Therapy” with a couple of group regressions AND Continue reading »

Upcoming Workshops in May & June

Upcoming Workshops May & June If you feel a resonance with those magnificent specimens called crystals and are interested to discover more about your potential to enhance your everyday life using crystals then you may well be interested to come to the “Crystals for Personal Use” workshop which is taking place on Sunday 25th May. Continue reading »

Motivated to Exercise

Motivated to exercise…and need to be? All fired up for a few weeks at the start of the year and then ….nada?? Haven’t done it for years, and now you need to find some way of keeping fit and/or burning calories…but you just can’t get started? it is very common that people start to exercise Continue reading »

Warning! Be-Aware of this Hypnosis Course!!

Warning!!! Be-aware of this hypnosis course!! Numerous people in several different countries have now reported very similar things about it, so please do take heed!! They all seem to claim that this course is much than a simple Foundation in Hypnosis Course that teaches a very practical and grounded structure on how to practice hypnosis Continue reading »

May and June Workshops

May and June Workshops One day workshops are coming up a plenty at the end of May and early June. The “Crystals for Personal Use” workshop is taking place on Sunday 25th May and is a really useful day for getting to know how to use crystals on an everyday basis. Two wonder-full (literally) workshops Continue reading »

Life After Death Evidence?

Life After Death Evidence? The largest ever medical study into near-death and out-of-body experiences has discovered that some awareness may continue even after the brain has shut down completely. Is this life after death evidence? Scientists at the University of Southampton have spent four years examining more than 2,000 people who suffered cardiac arrests at Continue reading »

Learn Hypnosis 18-21st June 2015?

Learn Hypnosis 18-21st June 2015 ? You may have considered the possibility to learn hypnosis and perhaps thought that it would be too difficult, time consuming, you’d need to be an academic or that you simply weren’t suitable for some other reason. However, it might be time to think again… For the reality is that Continue reading »

Lovely Past Life Regression Case

Lovely Past Life Regression Case A brief story of a recent past life regression client who came because he had a very strong homesick feeling towards Asian culture and especially Vietnam since visiting the latter 20 years. He had felt compelled to make many trips to the country and had also had a series of Continue reading »